Music For...


Background music for the not-so traditional affair.

Art Studios

Contemporary by design, Tapestries fit calmly.


Modern art? Electronic music fits right in.

Big Spaces

Ambient, spacial music comes to life in big spaces.

Small Spaces

My set up requires only a 5' by 5' area. Everything included.

Unique Venues

To help make your event one to remember.

Music for the perfect time

Ambient electronic music fits at times when you don't want a tradition band or DJ. When you want music that adds to the calm mood and soothing atmosphere of your event, I will be happy to create something special for you.

  Contact me to discuss your needs.


I'm now here...

A long time saxophone/woodwind instrumentalist, I made the move to electronic music in 2009 when I discovered the potential for composing and exploring experimental music. I now enjoy the solitary work of creating music using the vast electronic toolset available to me.

I try to perform regularly, time permitting, creating new music for most occasions. At some performance venues I'm also able to incorporate visual elements, accompanying the music and adding dimension to the performance.

In between composing and performing, I enjoy traveling to the growing number of electronic music events. Meeting and listening to other creative musicians is a major source of inspiration for me.


Southwest, Ohio, USA
(937) 572-0884